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Sunday, December 5, 2010


First semester review
10th Grade Honors English-Pre AP
Susan Shehane
Wetumpka High School

Note: all students must write the midterm essay, regardless of whether they are exempt or not. This essay is due the Tuesday, Dec. 14. No late work will be accepted.

Topic: Explain the ideological forces of Colonial America (i.e, those that drove the Puritan period, and those that supported the Englightenment). Use specific arguments from the LITERATURE to draw a conclusion about the principles that shaped Colonial America.
Exam study guide
1.Native American literature – study introduction and “The Way to Rainy Mountain.” Identify myths according to their type.
2.Study notes on Puritans (see Puritan handout, my webpage).
3.William Bradford (text).
4.Mary Rowlandson (text).
5.Ann Bradstreet (text) – two poems
6.Edward Taylor (text or online) - “Huswifery”)
7.Notes on the Southern Planters (Va.).
8.Olaudah Equiano (notes and text).
9.Jonathan Edwards
10.Ben Franklin
11.Patrick Henry
12.Thomas Jefferson
13.Thomas Paine
14.Abigail Adams
15.Notes on the Enlightenment
16.DGP: Pronoun, antecedent agreement.
17.Subject/verb agreement.
19.Five paragraph structured essay.
20.Vocabulary (eight lessons).

You should study all notes carefully and re-read each selection. Know all vocabulary from 8 ACT lessons.

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