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Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Monday, Nov. 15 - Mrs. Shehane returns. Please re-read or review BRAVE NEW WORLD or 1984 (assigned books before my medical leave). Students should have completed books before my return date of Nov. 15. Handouts were given out last week (pre-reading/history of books).

For study guide on BRAVE NEW WORLD, visit

For study guide of 1984:
Your homework is to study the guides and be prepared to work in small groups to address "big picture" of novel.

TUESDAY: Small group discussions of major conflicts, themes, motifs, etc., of assigned novel.
Wednesday: Continue small group discussion, then report to the class.
Thursday: Same

FRIDAY - book test.

NOTE: Students will be given an essay topic for the novel. All students will write a literary analysis of the assigned topic. NOTE: You may use outside resources, but NO PLAGIARISM WILL BE TOLERATED. It's important to paraphrase, quote only as needed, and to properly cite the source of your information by using MLA Works Cited and documentation. CONSULT YOUR TEXTBOOK OR

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