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Saturday, September 18, 2010

WEBQUEST Assignment - Puritan Period


Webquest for the Puritan Period
Welcome! You are about to embark on a quest for knowledge! You will obtain information on Puritan perceptions, attitudes, values, and beliefs. Hopefully, you will learn something new and interesting to share with the class.
Have your answer sheet beside you as you work on the questions below. Record all your answers on your sheet. You are restricted to the hyperlinks listed below. All necessary information will be found on the selected sites. You are not to venture elsewhere on the web. Time is limited, so lets begin!
1.)    What were some of the Puritans beliefs and values?
List three of each.
2.)    What is predestination? What role did this play in Puritan society?
Remember what you read in the above section.
3.) How did the Puritans view education?
4.)    What was the tool Puritans used to teach their children? In addition to the alphabet, what else was taught using this tool?
5.)    How were the Puritan beliefs reflected in the laws of Massachusetts? Look in particular at the punishments.
6.)    Salem Village was the center of the witch trials. Look at a copy of an arrest warrant. What proof is provided?
7.)    Look at a portrait -- Examination of a Witch. How are the conditions of the examination depicted? Record full details in a paragraph.
8.)    Look at the trial records of Sarah Good, in particular, the Summary of Evidence. What kind of evidence led to the indictment of Sarah as a witch? Look at the particular wording of those accusing Sarah.
9.)    You are accused! Go to this link to see what your options are once you have been accused. Record your findings.!.html
10.)            Play Jeopardy and see how much you have learned about the witch trials.[1].htm

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