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Tuesday, July 27, 2010


August 2010

Dear students and parents,

Welcome to Wetumpka High School's Tenth Grade Honors English Pre-AP class. By signing up for the class, you have already shown that you are college-bound. Congratulations! This class is designed specifically to help you to become college-ready, and we are most grateful for the abundance of grants and public interest that have made this class possible.

You will become the first A+ College-Ready group of tenth graders at Wetumpka High School, and we will follow guidelines, texts, and tools all made possible by the "Laying the Foundation" program provided through grants. For more information, please visit . We are also most grateful for public grants paving the future with the 21st Century Classroom. Thank you, City of Wetumpka and others.

Most of all, I am excited about our journey together as we embark on the study of American literature, 1600-1900. I look forward to getting to know all of you, and I welcome questions and response from both you as well as your parents.

Students, remember that this is an interactive "blog," so you may ask questions here, voice responses to activities, check your homework assignments, and find notes you may need. Remember that you can always e-mail me through the school's website ( I will respond as quickly as possible.

Remember that our blog is a formal setting -- so you should not write on it as you would on FaceBook or MySpace. All comments will be "moderated" (they must get my "okay" before they're published). You must sign your work; no anonymous responses will be considered.

I look forward to working with all of you -- we'll have a great year!

Susan Shehane
Wetumpka High School
Honors 10 English (Pre-AP)
Creative Writing & Journalism

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